single mama, needy

Despite what you sometimes read about being poor, it isn’t fun to be in need. It isn’t free stuff and no work, although I have heard being in need somehow sets you up for steak and seafood on the government’s dime. Sorry, but no.

Being in need is hard on many levels and for many reasons. Right now, my daughter and I are in need of a home. I haven’t had a home of my own since my fiance left me pregnant. My daughter has never lived in a home that was ours and she is 13 months old. We have lived with others and while that has been a blessing, we must leave our current dwelling place by May 31st and it’s time for something we can truly call home.

Being a single mama in need seems to mean everyone with good intentions has an opinion about what we need. It’s very hard for other people to understand why I need to be in the city, on a bus line, have easy access to laundry and healthy grocery stores. They often don’t see the need for a good neighborhood, or for caution about Craigslist apartments and houseshares with strangers.

Even some of the kindest people in the world feel that hey, beggars can’t be choosers. But the reality is that most of these people are very far removed from our everyday life. I don’t have a vehicle, I don’t have a local support network. Friends? I don’t have them except online. No one will hang out with me at the mall or do a monthly ladies night with me. Being a poor single mom is lonely. Am I a pariah? It often feels that way.

I am well on my way to getting back on my feet but I’m not quite there yet. I’m working on raising money for an apartment fund to get us through the next couple months. I should be able to manage after that.

If you would like to share or contribute to the campaign, please visit


One thought on “single mama, needy

  1. It’s OK to need ‘everything’, my friend. You are doing great, even when you doubt yourself- even when you are falling asleep at your computer in the middle of the night. You are pushing through. You are incredible. Keep talking, keep writing, keep doing- I am here!


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