single mama, updated

Obviously it’s been a long time since I updated the blog and today, I’m forcing myself to take the time to do it now. For anyone reading this and wondering what I’m up to lately, I’m working from home and taking care of my daughter.

My daughter, Sophie, is 21 months old right now. She’s pretty severely attached to me, though independent enough to try to run free whenever we’re out running errands. I’m currently working with her dad to set up a good time for her to have a double frenectomy. Which is a fancy way to say that she has a tongue tie and lip tie which both need to be surgically corrected. It looks like that will happen in the next month.

Last February, I began working for a social media management company and it’s now my full-time job. I write from home–blogs and social media posts. I do my darndest to get my weekly tasks completed within a Sunday-Wednesday timeframe. Sometimes Monday-Thursday. And on really efficient weeks, Monday-Wednesday. The point is that I try very hard to get my work done as fast as possible so I can spend my time with my daughter. And you know, complete all the real life work of laundry/cooking/cleaning, etc.

It’s a great gig and I’m so lucky/blessed to be able to keep Sophie out of daycare so we have that really strong bond. And like every other life choice, it has its downsides too. And we’ve had our challenges with Sophie’s health and development.

I’ll get into the challenges more in a later post. But keep going with the updates. I think we’re continuing to do better and better… We haven’t been on any kind of government assistance for six months. We aren’t relying upon financial help from friends or strangers. I’m renting a house for below market rate, but am looking into new options.

So from a very large picture standpoint, we’re doing really well.

We still have needs, particularly transportation and community. I need the opportunity to be refreshed and have a break once in a while. She needs frienship, and I need friendship too. I need the peace of mind and emotional support to help make my fitness and weight loss goals more attainable. And just getting my daughter to eat food is an all day, everyday struggle… But all that aside, I’m still moving forward. There are good days and bad days, but I do try to focus on the fact that I get to spend my time with this funny little sweetie:




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